Our Ambassadors

We are exceedingly grateful to our alumni who represent us as ambassadors around the world.

Read below about the impact that the competition has had on their careers:

Shunta Morimoto

“Winning the last Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition has made an enormous change in the direction and meaning of my vocation as a performing artist and human being.

Because of the prestige of the competition, I have received many engagements as a recitalist and as a soloist with orchestra including several with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London and on tour.

I am infinitely grateful for such an incredible opportunity to meet many wonderful people and musicians and share my music with them.”

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Thomas Kelly

My experience in Hastings was one that I shall always remember.

The ten days of the competition were expertly organised and having the opportunity to play concertos with two orchestras was a phenomenal experience and something I will not forget. 

Winning the second prize and also the semi-final special award for Best Performance was thrilling and has helped my career to flourish during these past couple of years. I have such great memories of taking part in the 2022 Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition and I am delighted to continue to support the competition and its future endeavours.

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Mariamna Sherling

“Hastings will forever remain in my memory as a hospitable and beautiful city by the sea. The atmosphere of the competition itself was very friendly and inspirational for me. Unlike other competitions, there was no unnecessary pressure or stress during the rounds which was great for a competition environment.

The most significant discovery for me was the people I was lucky enough to make friends with and work with. Of course, the opportunity to perform with two outstanding orchestras during the semi-final and final is unique.

I think that Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition is a great opportunity for young pianists to introduce themselves to the world – sharing their musical ideas and performances. I wish all the contestants for this year’s competition luck and success!”

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